Fundraiser HeaderThese shirts are to raise funds for the theatre project Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken, a new satirical play using elements of the absurd to expose the true absurdity of the sad and precarious position of the Maui’s dolphins, a New Zealand species on the brink of extinction. 

It is my intention to write a play which comments on the fishing and mining industries, bureaucratic inaction and corporate greed, delivered in a way which makes the urgent problem understandable. Researchers now estimate the remaining total population of Maui’s dolphins has sunk to an all-time low around 55 individuals, and just 10 to 12 adult female Maui’s dolphins.

The play is set in a world where the last group of mini-Ed Sheerans, who live peacefully in the wild, are threatened by the over zealous hunting practices of a global corporation Barracuda Industries. The population of mini-Ed's only has 55 remaining individuals left and is threatened by increased hunting in their habitat. It follows the efforts of a small band of dedicated advocates for the mini-Ed's stand up against the action and inaction which endangers the mini-Ed population.

As we have begun work on writing and shaping this play which we aim to perform next year, it has become apparent how much excitement there is about this work and how much it is capturing the imagination of young people in particular; and the potential for it to reach a national and global audience. As a new theatre company in New Zealand we need help to scale this project up.

All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go towards this project. Thank you for your support.


Fundraiser Maui's Dolphins


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